Paddington Train Station solar panels

Paddington Train Station

Installation by Green Energy Together. London, UK

A refreshing approach

At Green Energy Together, we are technical consultants - our team will only recommend the system that works best for you based on accurate predictions of your return on investment.

  • Don't compromise

    The quality of our products, our equipment and our installation techniques will guarantee the performance and longevity of your solar energy system.

  • The end to end solution

    Our dedicated team has serviced private homes, commercial businesses and large-scale solar farms for over a decade. When you get GET, we include a full guarantee over the installation and provide technical support and customer care for up to two years afterwards.

our services

& Commercial

We provide a turnkey supply, installation and maintenance service for industrial and commercial solar systems.

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We provide a residential solar solution that offers market-leading efficiencies in those areas important to homeowners and tenants - cost, energy and customer service.

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Residential Services

As part of our service, we include a detailed commissioning review post-installation by an authorised engineer.

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Our team are the pre-eminent experts in solar energy engineering design, technical advisory and project delivery services.

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& Maintenance

We service, repair and maintain all makes of solar systems. In addition, we offer preventative plans and specialist fault-finding consultations.

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Outsource the management of your plant with a trusted third-party - maximising production, minimising downtime and reducing costs.

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Our team is composed of highly qualified MCS accredited installers, with experience fitting and installing domestic & commercial solar systems across the UK, varying widely in scale and environment. Our technology and premium products, combined with our experience and expertise, allow us to recommend the most cost-effective energy saving solution for you.

Our calculations are based on a number of key factors including geographical location, orientation and inclination, and we use state-of-the-art modelling technology to design your proposed system. Our desktop survey process uses industry-leading simulation software that enables 3D visualisation and accurate shading analysis. This program considers every factor, including the site’s orientation to south, angle of the pitch, and the efficiency of the proposed modules, inverters and battery. The software measures the last 10 years of local meteorological data to give the most comprehensive performance and return on investment analysis possible.


years of Experience

Moss Electrical Solar Panels

Dartford, Kent

Moss Electrical

Broadoak Farm Solar Panels

Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex

Broad Oak Farm

Combermere Solar Panels Farm

Whitchurch, Shropshire

Combermere Solar Farm


Systems Installed in UK Homes


Systems Installed in UK Businesses


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the team

Green Energy Together is only as good as the team around us. Our directors, managing partners and on-the-road personnel have combined experience covering all facets of solar development. The commitment to provide quality and cost-effective solar solutions is reflected in everything we do.

Our Promise

We understand that moving over to a solar system is a big commitment and certainly not a decision to be taken lightly. Whether your decision is environmentally, financially or otherwise motivated, our approach is that of technical consultants rather than salespeople, and our surveyors will only recommend the system that works best for you and your home.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that you understand everything clearly before making the decision to go green. And this support doesn’t end there - our specialist team of designers and technicians will be available to answer any questions you may have on your system for two years after the work is completed, ensuring you are getting the product and service we have promised you.

*All works carried out by the Green Energy Together brand operate under Solarplicity Smart Systems registration NAPIT 30902 and MCS NAP30902.